Published: 2023-02-06

Determinants of Hypertension in Adolescents and Adults (18-44 years) at the Karang Panjang Health Center, Ambon City

Ivy Violan Lawalata, Bellytra Talarima, Bella Agustina Adinda Subagiyo | Pages: 44-51

The Role of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Prevention of Wound Infections in Open Appendectomy Patients in Al-Diwaniayh Teaching Hospital

Nahedh Raoof Alammar, Qassim Jabbir Alnaqeeb, Mohanad Hassan Jassim, Ali Jawad Hamza Alshammari | Pages: 52-59

The Relationship Between the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Symptom of Skin Disease in Scavengers

Zamli Zamli, Resty Ryadinency, Sri Yuliastuti, Fredy Chandra Montolalu | Pages: 60-62