The Effect of Brand Image on Loyalty through General Patient Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable in Makassar City Hospital

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Mene Paradilla
Nurfitriani Nurfitriani
Siska Awawiriam


Loyalty is a critical component of success in today's corporate environment. Loyal clients might indirectly aid in the promotion of services to individuals in their immediate vicinity. The purpose of this research is to examine the influence of brand image on general patient loyalty at Makassar City Hospital. This is a quantitative study that combines an observational design with a cross sectional study design. The sample for this research consisted of 187 nurses working in the Makassar City Hospital's outpatient department. The findings indicated that although brand image had a direct influence on patient loyalty, it had no effect on satisfaction-based loyalty. It is recommended that hospital management develop various marketing strategies to promote the hospital's existing health services, pay close attention to patient wait times because the average patient complains about doctors who are frequently late, and pay close attention to various brands or health services such as superior products. As a result, it has become a point of differentiation for the health services supplied by other institutions.


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Paradilla, M., Nurfitriani, N., & Awawiriam, S. . (2022). The Effect of Brand Image on Loyalty through General Patient Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable in Makassar City Hospital . Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, 3(1), 67-75.


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